Producing High Quality & Creative Video Content to Meet Client Needs!

Video Planning and Production for Multimedia

Mitsue-Links' video production unit is organized around a central team of directors and producers who ensure the development of high quality and appealing content that is not bound to any media.

Whether for program-related content, branding, advertising products and services, enhancing public relations, or pushing sales promotions, we consider diverse needs and provide bespoke solutions that meet our clients' objectives.

Service Features

One-stop Service from Video Planning and Production to Media Conversion

In addition to shooting video content, we offer a comprehensive one-stop service from planning and scenario development, through casting, filming and editing to media conversion.

Mitsue-Links' Strengths in Video Production

  • The provision of web solutions forms the core of our business; therefore we have significant experience working with various forms of media, website coordination, as well as video marketing policy proposal formulation and implementation. Consequently, it is possible for us to offer a one-stop service.
  • We offer flexible support based on budget limitations. Being flexible with regard to steps in the production process, such as reducing days for shooting or less man-hours reserved for editing, ensures high quality can be maintained.
  • Regardless of project size, we offer extensive support.

Service Details

Production of engaging video content with regard to brands, projects, strategies and services etc.

Providing comprehensive support for corporate YouTube channel establishment and operation.

In-house Video Production Support

We support in-house video production to assist in the streamlining of client video production and distribution.

How-to Video Production

Video is the optimal format to describe in an easy-to-understand manner how to fill in forms, answer FAQs as well as provide information on the operation of devices/machinery and use of software.

We produce video content, which can either be narrated or emceed, that provides clear and detailed instructional information. Furthermore, it is possible to enhance the live action recordings by incorporating captions, animations and other relevant information.

Video Mail Production

To support your mail-marketing activities, we offer a one-stop service from video content production through to mail magazine development.

Whiteboard Animations

We produce animations based on whiteboards, an effective method that allows concepts and services to resonate more deeply with your target audience.

Digital Signage Video Production

We produce high quality video content for public facilities, digital signage, shop counters and in-store displays, as well as for electronic billboards and large screens etc.

Recruitment Video Production

Whether recruiting new graduates or mid-career specialists, companies must be active in promoting their strengths and enhancing their appeal in order to attract the best human resources.

Furthermore, prospective applicants want answers to questions such as "what kind of company am I applying for a position with?", "what is the actual job content?" and "what kind of people are my potential future colleagues?", alternatively organizations are able to convey their future vision as well as their philosophies with regard to human resource management. Video is the optimum media to present this information.

In addition to uploading the video content to company-owned websites, an additional measure to garner interest in recruitment is to post the video on recruitment portal sites.

Educational / Training Video Production

It is often remarked that the key to organizational development is the education and training of staff, therefore many companies place much importance on facilitating an understanding of corporate vision, business strategies as well as explaining specific work processes.

In this service, we produce video content for in-house instruction, training, seminars and e-learning.

Multilingual Video Production

With the globalization of corporate activities, there is increasing demand for multi-language support with regard to sales, promotions, as well as educational and instructional content etc.

This service localizes content for each market by translating material into the required languages, superimposing on-screen captions/credits, adding narration, and data formatting. In addition to producing new and original works, we also support the re-working of existing content for international markets.

Case Study Video Production

By producing case study content in a video-format, it is possible to provide clear information on your products and services and highlight the benefits for those that use them.

The merits for employing video case studies include the following:

  • target customers/users are more likely to accept the merits of the product or service as they place high degree of credibility on information in the example
  • in addition to introducing the product or service, it is possible to incorporate the firsthand opinions of users to elevate the sense of reality
  • video production allows straightforward visualization of how products and services are utilized

Supplementary Information

We have a significant track record producing solutions across a multitude of sectors such as television programs, dramas, commercials, promotional videos, digital signage etc. (please note, the full list of our work is in Japanese).

Service Flow

  1. Planning & Proposal
  2. Preparation Scenario, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Casting etc.
  3. Filming
  4. Finishing Editing, Music Selection, Sound Effects, Narration etc.
  5. Completion Media, Web etc.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.

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