Production of engaging video messages for companies, brands, ventures, strategies, products and services etc.

We propose original bespoke solutions that take into account the merits of multiple media to ensure the successful production of content for Blu-ray, DVD, digital signage, broadcasting, web, and mobile devices etc.

Service Details

Program Production / Spot Production

Embracing both new and traditional media forms, we produce high quality programming - such as documentaries, publicity campaigns, PR programs, and spot/public service announcements etc.

Video Advertisements / Campaigns

Taking into consideration both media and current trends, we create work that binds companies with consumers in the optimum manner. Moreover, by performing total management of the project, from initial suggestions of concept, through to casting, shooting to editing, we ensure a high commitment to quality control.

  • Digital Signage
  • Electronic Billboards / Large Screens
  • Programming for In-train Broadcasting / Tokyo Metro Vision
  • Advertisements for Cinemas / Theatres
  • Web Commercials
  • Television Commercials

Products / Services

We create professional video content that presents the merits of your product or service. We propose the optimum video content and style to satisfy your promotional needs whether you require documentary-like, dramas, or want to employ the use of illustrations and animation etc.

  • Promotional Videos
  • Operation Guides / Operation Manuals
  • Case Studies / Performance Highlights
  • Sales Tools
  • In-store Promotional Videos
  • Infomercials


Production of high quality and situation-specific content for exhibitions, events, campaigns, conventions, expositions, anniversaries, internal marketing, showrooms etc.

  • Event Opening Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Product / Service Introduction Videos
  • BGV (Background Videos)


Branding is integral to business strategy. Strengthen relationships with customers by adopting measures to enhance your company's brand and disseminating the information through video.

  • Overview / School Overview / Introduction of Facilities
  • Concept Movie / Branding Movie
  • Executive Messages / Interviews / Talks
  • CSR Activity Reporting

Seminars / Inductions / Training

With regard to the costs and time of inductions, training etc. we offer solutions that provide merit to businesses and motivation to students.

  • Employee Inductions
  • e-learning Productions
  • In-house Instruction, Training

Recruiting (Company Briefing Videos)

In order to obtain the best human resources, a company must be active in promoting their strengths and boosting appeal. One way to do this is to allow future employees to view messages from present employees as well as providing a snapshot of the company culture – video is the optimum media for such messages as it can convey much more than text alone.

  • Employee Experiences / Senior Management, Chief Recruiter Interviews / Employee Interviews / Office, Company Environment Overviews/ Event Opening Videos

Supplementary Information

Our Track Record in Video

We have much production experience (this page is in Japanese, please contact us for further details) in a variety of fields including television programming, dramas, commercials, promotional videos, digital signage etc.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.