Investigate the technical, process, and service quality of your website operation. From the conclusions, formulate more robust management flows!

A number of parties, both inside and outside organizations - such as various department and service owners, web production companies etc., are involved in the operation and management of corporate websites. Web administrators, already under much pressure to perform their daily tasks, are increasingly witnessing the trend toward validating site management business contributions such as KPI achievement as well as meeting cost reduction goals. Therefore, it has become necessary that website operation, including work outsourced to web production companies and partner companies, is performed efficiently and to a level of high quality.

A System for Improving Website Operation and Management

  1. From the perspective of technical quality, we ascertain whether your partner companies have the sufficient technical strength to sufficiently manage your website.
  2. From the perspective of process quality, we review site development and renewal processes from request to launch, check for operational imbalances and verify there isn`t an overdependence on the ability of individuals, as well as confirm that controls are in place to prevent the occurrence of trouble.
  3. From the perspective of service quality, we seek to establish whether your management partner`s current approach is most suited to efficiently achieving your business objectives.

Evaluated from the three perspectives above, we can clearly identify the areas of site operation and management to be strengthened.

This service provides insights into your existing operational performance and as well as clarifying current goals through scoping sessions and interviews. Then, using our wealth of expertise related to technical quality, process quality, and service quality, we perform a gap analysis to illuminate any issues that require addressing.

Service Overview

This service ascertains the operational circumstances of your website and compiles the information in a detailed report. The report combines evaluations from the perspectives of technical quality, process quality and service quality together with an improvement plan based on detailed analysis.

Service Features

Technical Quality

Through investigation we identify the necessary skill levels (design, HTML coding, CSS, JavaScript etc.) required to ensure optimum operation of your website as well as confirm that the entire management system has the sufficient technical prowess and necessary skills. Furthermore, we review any systems in place that seek to assign staff with the necessary skills at the time of personnel changes.

Process Quality

We conduct multifaceted interviews with your site administrators in addition to any partners at related web development companies to check for issues and problems with present operation and management circumstances. Furthermore, we measure the efficiency of site administrators’ operation time and upload volume. Based, on these results, we identify process issues and their underlying causes.

Service Quality

Radar Chart

Regarding the six service quality indicators of web operation (accuracy, speed, support flexibility, empathy, sense of security, and positive impressions), we visualize the gap between your management aspirations, ascertained in the scoping sessions, and present operational realities using radar charts.

Service Flow

  1. Scoping session with responsible persons
  2. Analysis of current procedures, rules, documents, etc.
  3. Interviews with site operation / management staff
  4. Observation of site management processes and operation efficiency investigation
  5. Evaluations of technical quality, process quality, and service quality as well as issue identification
  6. Reporting
  • * This assessment is offered as a complimentary service to our existing customers.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.