Improve site content findability and maximize access through search services and social media

The amount of content created for the web continues to increase daily. According to an Internet Live Stats investigation, the number of websites topped 1 billion in 2014 - and since then, the total has continued to increase at a rapid pace. With the astronomical number of websites, how do we ensure that users are guided to pages that match their desired content? Basically, it is essential to ensure the findability of content.

There are a diverse number of ways in which users discover and access content on the web, however the main means in recent years are through search services such as Google and Yahoo! as well as Facebook, Twitter and other social media timelines. To increase access through both methods and strengthen engagement, simply publishing content is not enough - it is important to ensure that content is “easy to find.”

Our Information Architecture, Accessibility, Usability, Analytics, SEO Consulting and Guideline Production services - which all share some overlapping elements - are now packaged under our Findability Improvement service. In addition to improving site quality and enhancing content discoverability, this service aims to deliver more efficient business management.

Service Overview

Specializing in access through search services and social media, we define the target content’s findability quality and then consider policy measures to both maintain and improve that quality.

  • * The policy measures offered are limited to on-page SEO.

Service Features

To accurately define requirements, access analysis and person/scenario development

One of the keys to improving findability is to understand principal user access channels - for existing websites, first we perform access analysis to determine the main means of access (whether through search, social media and so on); for newly developed websites, where we do not have any access data, we create personas/scenarios through which we assume access channels (and review as needed based on actual access data patterns after the site goes live).

Specialists come together in a scrum, they work to maintain and improve quality as well as promote efficient business management

With one-stop website development and operation support, we offer the necessary expertise regarding the numerous findability-related specialist fields. We perform fixed point observation to continuously monitor and verify the maintenance of findability; if a decline is exposed, then we work to improve content.

Service Details

Access mainly through search service content

Google has published quality related guidelines for Webmasters. Regarding Yahoo! search, similar information is provided in the InfoCenter. From the site administrator-oriented information that these search services offer; we select indicators that contribute to the improvement of findability, define the content that satisfies quality requirements, and provide a framework to maintain and improve quality (including the production of design guidelines). Dependent on the circumstances, we can provide structured data support.

Access mainly through social media content

Regarding Facebook, for example, if Open Graph markup is used it is possible create rich objects that improve findability when content is shared. For Twitter, using Twitter Card on the timeline can improve findability. We offer both policy creation and the implementation of suchlike measures to improve findability regarding social media timelines.

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Structured Data Support

Offering structured data support to assist with SEO objectives.

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