With experts in various fields, we aim to produce information architecture that is intuitive for users and straightforward for administrators to manage.

Based on your circumstances and our methodologies, we introduce the optimum information architecture for your business.

Service Overview

We work in consultation with engineers in a multitude of fields, such as usability, site analytics and CMS, in order to create the optimum architecture from both user and administrator perspectives.

Information Architecture from a User Perspective

Surpassing usability, defined as users efficiently finding sought after information, user experience, which seeks to enhance enjoyability, pleasantness, and to leave visitors with a favorable impression etc., is indispensable for operating a website as an effective marketing tool. Therefore, regarding information design, after taking into consideration usability perspectives together with data analysis results, we perform both content organization and content mapping of requested site functions at the time of strategic plan formulation. Furthermore, based on the above-mentioned content map, we consider the common page that links all pages, the pages which link together, the navigation rules and rules for content area provision etc.

Information Architecture from an Administrator Perspective

At the time of website development, it is crucial to plan information architecture with consideration towards post-launch site management – proper consideration will positively influence management efficiency, update frequency, and level of effective usability. Also to be determined during the information design phase are the rules when CMS is introduced, descriptive page labels, file names, and the way to add directories etc.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.