For our Clients to Achieve their Goals, We Create Optimum Visual Designs

Based on your circumstances and our philosophy, we create the optimum visual design for your business.

Service Overview

With regard to websites, visual design plays a major role in creating a positive impression to visitors – about company, products and services. We aim to create the most advantageous user interface to convey your corporate principles as well as the merits of products and services. Furthermore, establishing a visual design that is centered on site functionality provides visitors with an enhanced experience.

Present Circumstances

We conduct detailed investigations in order to create an optimum visual design that truly represents your corporate philosophy, services and products. We conduct business meetings with responsible persons (marketing/ site admin etc.) and perform analysis on website access data, and, depending on whether necessary, we can implement customer modeling surveys.

In summary, we perform various investigations to understand your present business and where you want to go.

Creation of Visual Design

We create a visual design based on the outcome of client discussion and the results of our investigations. By performing comprehensive scoping, we propose the optimum visual design for clients.

At the time of design production, we work in consultation with engineers in a multitude of fields, such as usability and accessibility, in order to create a website that is intuitive and provides users with a better experience.

As we strive to ensure more accessible design, on new website development projects we provide WCAG 2.1 Level A accessibility as standard (except for some special content).

Additionally, with consideration for the recent diversification in use environments, we design for multi-device browsing by leveraging our wealth of experience in producing responsive web designs.

Furthermore, we continue to pursue visual design that can be adapted to the new mediums in which they appear in the future.

Service Flow

Below is an overview of our basic service flow (we can modify content based on client objectives and requests)

  1. Understanding Circumstances / Confirming Design Direction Based on client requests and the insights gained through various surveys, we confirm direction to ensure development of an outstanding website that achieves pre-determined objectives.
  2. Setting the Tone and Manner To ensure mutual understanding, we continue to discuss creation of draft design and course of action with our customers as we progress.
  3. Visual Design Production We produce visual designs based on the outcomes of Steps 1 and 2.

Supplementary Information

We design and create text characters for corporate services.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.