Strategy formulation founded on complete 3C data collection to achieve business goals

Based on your circumstances and our philosophy, we devise strategic plans to optimize the performance of your website.

Service Overview

Present Circumstances

When developing a website strategy, it is important to collect as much tangible data as possible. The target data should be based on the 3Cs (Company, Customer, and Competitor).

We perform scoping sessions to ascertain not only an overview of the business and corporate vision, but also to determine how different departments use the website as well as learn website goals/functionalities for the future.
To determine what customers want from your corporate website, we perform analysis and undertake investigations with regard to access/flow analysis as well as user surveys etc.
We analyze and investigate competitor trends based on competition benchmarks, audience surveys etc.

Strategy /Tactics Planning

We derive numerical targets from a variety of survey results; moreover, we draw up plans to achieve business goals through tactical utilization of the web site. Then we design specific processes.

We consider appropriate methods to attract users – SEO, SEM, Mail Marketing, SNS linking etc.
We consider what kind of information is being sought and how to effectively convey that information.
User Flow
We consider how visitors are behaving on the site, what they are doing, and consider improving user flow.


Expert analysts at London-based Bowen Craggs evaluate and benchmark your corporate website to determine how content fares against established global best practice. Then areas for enhancement are highlighted and recommendations for tangible improvement are made.