Efficiently conduct usability tests online
Suited for quantitative measurements such as competitor analysis and benchmarking

Remote usability testing is a research method that allows usability tests to be undertaken by accessing a website from a home computer. As the test can be conducted without needing to be present with the user, it is possible for several hundred users to participate simultaneously, saving both time and money.

Service Overview

The service will allow you to conduct usability tests remotely for hundreds of users. By testing your company’s website, the test will allow you to gauge the experience and behavior of real users in order to clarify any site issues and usability challenges.

Service Features

User Experience Surveys Using the Latest Remote Usability Testing Tools

We will propose remote usability testing tools that best fit your objectives. It is possible to record the users’ actions and quotes (by asking users to think aloud, etc.) just like a face-to-face interview, as well as log pages viewed, and collect answers to surveys.

Reporting on the Survey Results; Quickly and Affordably

Unlike more traditional usability testing methods, this method has no requirements for test studios or moderators, therefore this testing method can be quick, effective and cost efficient. Very little time is required between conducting the tests and delivery of the results.

User Recruiting Regardless of Location or Attributes

As user test participants will be using their own personal computers and smartphones to access the site, it is possible to recruit from a wide range of users in various areas. Therefore, performing simultaneous tests on various global sites with various participant types is possible.

Usability Benchmark Survey of Competitor Sites

In addition to sites that are already live, it is possible to test prototype sites and smartphone apps as well. This provides you with the opportunity to not only review your own website but also research the usability of competitor sites, making it ideal for usability benchmarking studies.

Service Details

Test Planning

To ensure a relevant, clear and concise test, we will take your business goals and any concerns into account.

Recruiting Participants

After discussing your needs and determining the target segment, we will create and conduct a screening questionnaire in order to select participants that best meet your criteria.

Report Creation

In addition to the data itself, we will analyze trends and behaviors regarding usability issues.

Service Flow

  1. Discussing Project Objectives and Contents
  2. Understand the current situation and define target pages, etc.
  3. Test Planning
  4. Participant Recruiting
  5. Conduct Test
  6. Data Analysis and Report Creation
  7. Report Presentation

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.



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