Studio complete with dedicated facilities and equipment for usability testing and user research.

As communication with website users becomes increasingly complex due to more multi-functionality, there is also an increased necessity to adopt human-centered design processes for the purpose of improving user-friendliness and user experience. In the human-centered design process, both a user survey in a “Current Situation Survey Phase” (to assess their usage and subconscious needs) and a usability test in a “Design Evaluation Phase” are essential. But in order to conduct these tests and surveys, specialized facilities, equipment and staff with technical knowledge are needed.

In this service, we provide a specialized studio and equipment with the support of UX specialists allowing you to perform a user survey or usability test.

User Test Studio (Interview Room)

User Test Studio (Monitor Room)

Service Overview

Our dedicated user testing studio located within our Nishi-Shinjuku office is available for rental.

Service Features

The studio is equipped with the latest technology including a Tobii eye-tracking system, audio / visual recording equipment, simultaneous translation, as well as a separate observation room that can observe the test room through monitor screens and a one-way mirror. The studio is the optimum test environment to evaluate usability.

Service Details

Usage of User Test Studio

Our User Test Studio is available for undertaking usability tests and user surveys. If you would like to use the studio, usage of the studio is calculated in hourly denominations. To ensure that studio users obtain optimum results from tests and user surveys, we provide access to an interview room in which users can test the research participants. We also offer access to a separate observation room which permits observation of the interview room through computer monitor screens and a one-way mirror.

Provision of Necessary Tools and Support

We provide the necessary technologies to support your completion of usability testing and user surveys. Technologies include an eye tracking system that can record the movement of test participants' lines of sight, video cameras to record test proceedings, a dvd recorder, microphones, as well as other fundamental equipment. In addition, our experienced and professional staff will provide guidance and support to ensure optimum use of the technologies.

Use of the Tobii Eye Tracking System

Our studio dedicated to user testing is now equipped with Swedish firm Tobii's eye tracking technology. Tobii's eye tracker is a non-contact type that works together with a special LCD display, it is not the traditional camera glasses type. This combination with a monitor ensures that it is the most suitable tool for an investigation into web usability. Tobii has provided eye tracking systems and software for a wide variety of research, meaning that the tools can be utilized with any test participant regardless of age, education and product literacy.

After the test procedure, you will be able to take away various data reports and undertake your own analytical work.


Specialist Support for Conducting Tests

When undertaking usability tests and user surveys, our specialists ensure a high quality implementation of the test and interview. This support promotes peace of mind when planning, recruiting and working with research participants, usability testing, and analysis/reporting.

  • * If you only wish undertake survey design, reporting and target user recruiting, please use our Web Usability Testing Service.

Service Flow

  1. Confirmation of Studio availability
  2. Reservation of Utilization Dates/Times
  3. Studio Utilization
  4. Video, Audio, and Eye Tracking Data Extraction

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.



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