Would you like to try designing for optimum User Experience?
In this workshop you will develop an in-depth understanding into the philosophy of human-centered design.

With the advent of technology such as Silverlight, Flash and Ajax in recent years, rich interfaces have come to be seen as standard for websites. However, just because websites have adopted new technologies and tools, they are not necessarily able to provide a rich user experience. Nowadays, it is essential that the user is understood and that both their behavior and goals are modeled in scenarios and storyboards in order for us realize trends and develop software and websites that offer rich user experiences.

This User Experience Design One Day Workshop is designed to equip participants with knowledge whilst developing their design methodology skills in order for them to enhance the user experience of websites and software.

Service Overview

Our Usability Engineers and Interaction Designers will hold a one day workshop for your staff that centers on UX design.

Service Features

This workshop, with the rationale to provide guidance on the importance of user experience in the development of RIA (Rich Internet Application), was developed by Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd. in collaboration with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. The day will focus on the processes of optimum user experience design including user survey, modeling, and concept design. Those participating will be able to share their own experiences and knowledge in order to achieve an ideal level of usability that meets the specified persona's requirements.

Service Details

In the workshop, we work primarily in groups and take up the theme of RIA design and then plan optimum outcomes for users based on the flow of UX design. By providing assigned times for each section of the design planning stage during the workshop, there is much time for lecturer led discussions as the day progresses which resultantly deepens the understanding of the significance of each process.

1. Introduction

We will outline User Experience Design.

2. Creation of a Persona for a User Survey

The first stage of UX design begins with understanding the user. In this section we will discuss the needs and wants of the user and gain a comprehension of user behavior and goals in order to create a persona scenario. All workshop participants will be asked to create a persona scenario from actual survey data.

3. Storyboard Creation

In this part of the workshop, using the persona scenario as a base, we devise the best story for the user to achieve their goal. We then bring everything together in the form of a story board. Rather than consider the content and functionality of the screen at this stage, it is more important to focus on the best user experience.

4. Sketching

Lastly, based on the persona and storyboards that we have created, we will consider the interaction between the application and the user and then we draft a specific screen for the interaction. Initializing a quick sketch technique, it is possible to uncover any potential difficulties early on and thus devise a better screen layout.

  • * The content of the workshop is subject to change as we update content on a regular basis.

Service Flow

  1. Defining Goals, Understanding Details
  2. Setting a Date
  3. Workshop

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