Expert analysts at London-based Bowen Craggs evaluate and benchmark your corporate website to determine how content fares against established global best practice. Then areas for enhancement are highlighted and recommendations for tangible improvement are made.

Global websites often require strategies that differ from those aimed at the Japanese market. Therefore, for companies operating internationally, it's important to recognize and understand the latest global website best practices to ensure online presences meet – or, even better, exceed – expectations to deliver relevant, distinctive and engaging content to all stakeholders.

To support quality global website development, renewal and operation, we are working with digital communications consulting firm Bowen Craggs & Co (hereinafter, Bowen Craggs), to offer their independent analysis in the Japanese market. With our Global Website Best Practice Survey service, client web estates are evaluated and contrasted alongside industry peers to support online strategy formulation and discover priority areas for improvement.

Service Features

Using their refined analytical techniques and best practice database, Bowen Craggs perform evaluations of client website estates. The findings are then benchmarked alongside peer and global best practice examples and delivered as an expert review with screen captures, a scorecard, and 'big picture' analysis – with recommendations and top-level priorities, all supported by tailored best practice examples.

About Bowen Craggs

Bowen Craggs provides research and consulting services that focus on online corporate communications, including websites and social networks. The company also publishes the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence, a ranking of the world`s best online corporate communicators. The Index, showcased in business-focused newspapers and magazines such as the Financial Times and Forbes, is used as a valuable indicator of corporate website best practice.

Service Details

Service Menu

This service is offered in two formats, either as an existing website survey or as a renewal requirements investigation.

Existing Site Survey

An investigation into the present global website and online activities to identify current strengths and areas needing enhancement. An existing site survey can facilitate continuous improvement activities.

Renewal Requirements Investigation

Provided as an option when constructing or renewing a global website. Research undertaken supports the requirement definition phase and reveals the fundamentals required to develop a leading global website.

Service Flow

  1. Consultation Companies have differing goals for their corporate websites. In order to ensure appropriate analysis and evaluation, one of our Planners will discuss the review to establish the main purpose and objectives of the client company and the website.
  2. Analysis, Evaluation A detailed analysis and site evaluation will be performed by Bowen Craggs. In addition to reviewing the website and related online channels using knowledge-based evaluation criteria, Bowen Craggs aim to determine the web estate's effectiveness at meeting both business and communications goals in the context of global best practice.
  3. Reporting Reports provide visibility into the content quality and effectiveness of a website relative to its competitors and highlight what companies need to raise their game globally. In the briefing session, Mitsue-Links' Planners will view client websites, explain the review / scorecard, introduce best practice websites, present improvement strategies, and answer any questions. Reports are delivered in two languages, Japanese and English.

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.

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