Having customer registration, various application forms and entry forms successfully completed is directly related your business results. However, if the forms are difficult to understand or problematic, then there is a higher chance that users may abandon the task of completing the form. If the problem points are discovered, the form can be made more user-friendly and thereby increasing the conversion rate of users to your business.

We can help find any problems with the entry forms on your site, and make suggestions on how to improve and optimize them with our specialist Entry Form Optimization (EFO) service. Additionally, upon request, we can implement these improvements for your site and then verify the acceptance of these changes on users.

Service Overview

Using our own checklist developed through our vast website building experience plus heuristic evaluations by our specialists, we can root out the problems of your existing input forms. After which, we will provide improvement suggestions.

Service Features

In general other EFO services may pick up on some of the problems, however prescribing the appropriate remedy is much more difficult. Using our specialist know-how as a web production company, we can undertake the coding to provide usable and dynamic example screens of your site through our suggested improved entry forms. In addition, we have our own user testing facilities, in which our experts perform testing on users. With actual target users testing the new and improved forms on your website, you will be able to see the results they will produce.

Service Details

Evaluating our website and discovering hidden problems

Following a check list of over 60 items, we will review all areas of your forms. Ranging from basic Japanese input customs and practices to auxiliary input methods and accessibility. Furthermore, a heuristic evaluation specialist will integrate and summarize the research results.

Checking Item Classification

Basic Japanese form practices
Check to see whether the required basics for a form are present
Organization of Information
Check whether the input has been properly organized for the items
Error checks
When an error occurs, are users properly informed of how to resolve the situation
Auxiliary inputs
Whether sufficient help is given to the user to input information correctly
Check to see if the forms meet basic Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)

Improvement Plan Creation

Problems with EFO forms can be determine, however definite measures to remedy the issues can prove complicated to ascertain. Our firm's Entry Form Optimization service utilizes our knowledge and experience as a production company to provide real improvement plans. Upon request, it is also possible for us to undertake screen coding work.

Efficacy Verification Upon Request

Our company utilizes a fully equipped user test room to undertake specialist user tests. In addition, remote usability tests can be undertaken where users can participate in tests from their home environment. Upon request, entry forms can have their efficacy verified after they have been improved to ensure acceptance with target users.

Service Flow

  1. Determining Goals and Required Content
  2. Understanding and Researching the Present Situation
  3. Evaluation
  4. Report Creation
  5. Reporting

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.



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