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Service Overview

The usability of websites and applications varies greatly depending on the type of information devices. Likewise, the usage conditions, purposes, and needs for information and functions of users vary depending on information devices. Therefore, optimization is necessary not only for the usability of interfaces but also for websites and applications that provide information and functions. In recent years, smartphones such as iPhone and Android as well as tablets such as iPad are rapidly increasing their market share. Thus, optimization of websites tailored for various information devices has become necessary.

With the Tobii eye-tracking technology for smartphones and tablets, our usability testing is specifically designed for such devices, capable of providing a high level of accuracy. By focusing on users' browsing habits and needs, we identify usability problems on mobile devices and offer improvement plans to solve such problems.

Tobii Eye Tracking Technology

Unlike the conventional type using the eye-tracking glasses, the eye tracker developed by the Swedish technology company Tobii is a glasses-free, non-contact type, which considerably reduces the test participants' fatigue during the usability test. It is an optimal tool for usability testing on websites and applications.

In addition, by using a stand-alone eye tracker for smartphones and tablets, the test participants can operate a touch panel in the same manner as they usually do with their mobile devices. This enables us to observe the participants' behavior in a normal mode.

Service Features

Eye tracking system for smartphones accurately measures users' eye movements

Specialist Eye Tracking System for Smartphone and Tablet Devices

Our in-house user test studio is equipped with the latest eye tracking system for smartphones and tablets, as well as eye tracking cameras that accurately measure small eye movements. This enables us to record and monitor the participant's eye movements while they are operating the touch panel during the test.

  • * Dependent on the survey target persons, there may be instances when line of sight measurements cannot be made.

Specialized engineers monitor the participants' eye movements and behavior on a real-time basis

In the process of usability testing, a test participant is asked to enter the user test studio one by one and receive a usability test. Our usability engineers then conduct the test and interviews. They monitor each participant's eye movements and behavior on a real-time basis, which enhances their diagnostic efficiency to predict the thought process of the participants and detect any usability problems.

Usability experts offer complete support from test planning to improvement suggestions

Our usability experts offer complete support, ranging from test planning, participant recruitment, implementation through to analysis and reporting. They identify possible usability problems on your website and offer improvement plans to solve such problems.

Service Flow

  1. Interviewing your staff
  2. Planning the test
  3. Reviewing the test procedures and recruiting test participants
  4. Implementing the test
  5. Analyzing and reporting the results

For more information on our services, timeframes and estimates, as well as examples of our work, please feel free to be in touch.



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